the history of the hotel engel

Dear guests and friends,

Here you will find the milestones of our hotel. Since the purchase of the hotel in 1932 a lot has changed. One thing remains: our wonderful guests!

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    1932 purchase of the hotel Engel

    Contract of sale from 1932

    The Engel was bought in 1932 by Anton and Katharina Simma, the great-grand parents of the current owner Walter Rogelböck. In the foreground one can see the bowling alley of the past.

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    Hotel offers from 1958

    Circa. 1958.  An official offer with a picture of what was then the dining room. A tailor’s shop, producing men and women’s clothing, belonging to Walter Rogelböck (the grandfather of the current owner). This was also where the hair salon belonging to Alois Innfeld was situated.

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    The 1960s

    In 1965 several garages were added to the hotel building and in 1969 the owners started building the guesthouse. It contained one of only three indoor pools in Vorarlberg, a fact that the owner was very proud of.

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    Another view into the dining area from around 1965. Another excerpt of our hotel leaflet from the 1960s, containing pictures of the rooms. The times of economic revival made Austria a very popular travelling destination and it continued to be the number 1 holiday destination for German tourists for more than a decade. Hiking and swimming were preferred summer activities.

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    The 1970s

    Here you can see price lists from 1972.  In the picture in the middle you can see our rustic farmhouse parlour.

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    1973 was another year of building. The terrace and another hotel lounge were started.

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    In the 1970s the hotel leaflets started to be more colourful, showing people in typical holiday situations. Additionally to that, the touristic infrastructure was continuously modernized. In 1973 the skiing resort opened, offering cable cars, which took skiers into the mountain resorts.

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    Here you can see the new building of the northern wing, built in 1977.  This was when the “Grillstube” was opened, a restaurant in which grilled specialties were prepared on hot coals right in front of the guests – today this is called show cooking. Another big change of the 70s was the focus on a new marketing strategy: logos were created and viewed as a possibility of recognition. Here you can see the logo created in the 1970s and used until 1999.

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    The 1980s

    Seeing that the hotel had been a family business and was owned and run by the third generation at the time, the family decided to put a new focus on tradition, combining it with the natural beauty of the Bregenzerwald.

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    The pictures in the hotel leaflet started to be more emotional.

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    The 1990s

    Digital printing techniques started to have its effects and also influenced the leaflet of the hotel Engel. A bigger format was chosen to allow space for even more pictures, all of them trying to awaken holiday feelings.

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    Here you can see our hotel leaflet from the 1990s.

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    Since 2007

    A new era was started again in 2007, when Walter Rogelböck and his family took over the hotel. A first and important milestone was to be officially recognized as a 3 star superior hotel – the first in the Bregenzerwald. The typical Austrian hospitality and given quality offer the best prospects for a successful future. Our guests will forever be the main focus in our familial atmosphere. 

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    Renovation Autumn 2014

    We too are going with the times; having renovated, our hotel Engel is glowing with new splendour right at the beginning of the new winter season.

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    Since modification of our roof was necessary, we also added another floor and with that gained an extra of 7 rooms on our 3rd floor. Furthermore, there is easy access to all our facilities due to our new barrier free entrance, open reception and elevator.

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    During our renovation process, we have modernised the façade of the hotel and have given the Engel a new logo.
    Nonetheless, the heart and soul of „the Engel“ have remained the same and we are looking forward to greeting you in a warm and familiar atmosphere.

    We are looking forward to welcoming you at the Engel again.

    Yours family Walter & Swenja Rogelböck